Farrell Artist: Sharing Dragon Ball Fan Art with the world.



Welcome Dragon Ball Fans!


I am an aspiring Artist from the UK and all around Anime fan. My childhood was made special by shows like Dragon Ball and I am now creating fan art and sharing it with the Anime community.


I restarted my art Journey at the end of 2017. I hadn’t put pencil to paper in any meaningful way in over 10 years but it all came flooding back.  I’m continuing to learn constantly and improve my artwork. Please check out my gallery.




I’m a 29 (soon to be 30) year old guy from the UK. My last name is Farrell which is where Farrell Artist has come from – very original I know.


I have a beautiful daughter who has just turned 1 year old. Me, my daughter and my girlfriend live together in Plymouth down in the south west of England. I’m originally from Basingstoke which I always tell people is near Reading as no-one has ever heard of Basingstoke!


I spend most of my spare time drawing or with my family but when I do get any other spare time then I use it for my other passion which is motorbikes. I ride a 2016 Harley Davidson Iron 883. I’ve always been into motorbikes and have ridden since I was 16. Initially I was completely obsessed with sportsbikes but since I’m pretty much an old man now (who draws cartoons!) I’ve opted for the harley.

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