Drawing Goku Super Saiyan God

Drawing Goku Super Saiyan God

Copic Markers/Prismacolor Pencils + Photoshop

Hey everyone and welcome! Today I’m drawing Goku Super Saiyan God. What started out as a quick sketch developed into a piece I’m really proud of. Keep reading to see how I created it in 5 easy steps.

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Step 1 :Initial Sketch

Initial Sketch of Goku Super Saiyan God including Mechanical Pencil and Rubber
Initial Sketch

I did my initial sketchwork for this drawing on winsor and newton bleed proof paper. I haven’t been a big fan of this paper in the past. When I first bought it I had no idea what I was doing with my copic markers. (debatably I still don’t)This paper initially put me off because, in my opinion, it isn’t newbie friendly. What I mean by that is when using other … more expensive paper, such as Xpress it blending card, it automatically gives you a sense of confidence and feels as though the markers are meant to be used on that paper.

The shining positive for this paper is that it holds true to it’s name and is absolutely bleed proof. Markers will not bleed through this paper.

With some experience under my belt using Copic Markers I’m now able to utilize this paper a little better. It’s still not my favorite because it’s so thin but it feels good to sketch on.

For this drawing I used a reference from Episode 127 of Dragon Ball Super. Yuya Takahashi done the animation for this episode, his style is amazing and if you haven’t heard of him then I encourage you to google him and check out the specific art pieces he’s done for Dragon Ball and how epic they are.

As I said, this was just a quick sketch which I had no intention of ever finishing but I was surprised at how well it turned out and couldn’t fight the urge to see it through to fruition.

A mechanical pencil and rubber were all the materials needed for this part of the drawing. I started with the eyes as I usually do and carefully mapped out the proportions for the face and made adjustments where necessary. Within 45 minutes the sketch was done and I was left surprised at what I had (almost accidentally) created.

Onto the line work!!

Step 2: Line work

Ah Line work… by far my least favorite part of any drawing. Line work is a difficult skill to master and when you’ve finished, even after doing a great job, it makes your drawing look worse than when you started – I despair.

I finished my line work and removed the sketch, now my drawing looks much more flat than when I started.

At this point I decided I would frame what I’d drawn so far so I could have a background that didn’t necessarily take up the whole page.

It can be a bit of a buzzkill to look at it at this stage so I pushed forward to the fun bit – Colour!

Step 3: Copic Colouring

Drawing of Goku with line work and skin tones added with marker being held
Skin Tones
Drawing of Goku Super Saiyan God with hair, skin and shirt coloured
Hair and Shirt

Enter: The Fun.

For anyone who has used Copic Markers then you’ll know they are a joy to use. They’ll leave your wallet on the lighter side but are totally worth it.

Skin tones are the first to go down as always, Copic Markers E00 – skin white for the light tone, E33 – sand for the mid tone and E37 sepia for the dark tone. These 3 skin tones are what I use in a lot of my drawings, they produce a deep contrast which was perfect for me to represent Takahashi’s style.

Despite my experience with Copic Markers I was regretting doing my initially throwaway sketch on this paper.  I glanced at my premium Xpress it blending card, envious of the beautiful colour saturation I could now be experiencing.

Red was my next choice of weapon to finish the hair and eyes. Unfortunately the Copic Set A doesn’t have a great selection of reds. I made do with what I had with the view of correcting colours I didn’t like in Photoshop later.

Finally, I added 2 tones of blue to the shirt.

It was at this point I decided I’d digitize this image and use Photoshop CC to add a background.

Step 4: Digital Background

My last attempt at scanning some artwork produced some questionable results. Unwilling to commit the time needed to fiddle with scanner settings I opted to just take a photo with my iPhone and directly import it to Photoshop. The result is surprisingly good and only took a quick bit of fiddling using the selection tool to get it onto a transparent background.

I used the classic Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power green sky as a background.

I selected the background frame and added a new layer for the background colour next I chose 4 tones of green and created a pallet to the side of the image for quick access with the eye dropper tool.

Using my enlarged paintbrush tool I quickly painted on the background using different tones. I didn’t want to waste too much time on this part as I knew blending would take a little longer.

Next up is the blending brush which is used in combination with the eyedropper tool to qiuckly change tones and pick up mid tones to create a smoother transition between colours.

At this point I noticed that the line work had faded considerably because I had gone over the top of it with Copics in a lot of cases. Using a combination of an Ink Brush and the pen tool I went over the top of the line work on another layer to get that fresh look.

Continuing on from my earlier thoughts I decided to touch up the colour to give it a more saturated look.

And finish.

Digital image of Goku Super Saiyan God with background added and touch ups
Finished in Digital

Step 5: Printing

Due to constant requests for prints of my drawings, I’ve pulled my finger out and got some archival matte paper and began printing my Dragon Ball artwork – Head over to my shop if you’d like a copy. It’s a great way to support me with my artwork and will look fantastic on your wall!

My copy will be framed and placed above my desk.

Final Print

Finishing Thoughts

This drawing of Goku Super Saiyan God was an absolute blast to create. Sharing it with all of you has also been a pleasure and I genuinely hope you enjoyed following along. If you’re a Dragon Ball fan and would like to suggest a character or scene for one of my next drawings then drop a comment and let me know.

See you at the next drawing!

Materials Used:

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