Goku SSJ2 drawing from tournament of power

Drawing Goku Super Saiyan | Copic Markers and Prismacolor Pencils

Drawing Goku Super Saiyan

Hello and welcome. Today I’ll be breaking down my drawing of Goku – Super Saiyan. This is another Yuya Takahashi reference, I absolutely love his style. If you are interested in drawing Goku and want to know what materials I used then read on my friends!

Materials Used

For this drawing I used Strathmore Bristol 300 paper. It’s a very thick, excellent quality paper. I used my trusty Copic Ciao Markers for colour, in some places I overlaid Prismacolor Pencils to get a different hue than I could over wise achieve with the copics alone. Bring on that Copic Marker set B! I need it!

If you want to buy these materials, here are the links (Please note, these are affiliate links – if you buy through them I get a small commission which helps support my art)

Bristol 300 paper

Copic Ciao Set A

Prismacolor 150 set

Watch the Time Lapse here:

Initial Sketch

I decided that this drawing of Goku would be done freehand. I have my laptop off to one side with the reference photo loaded into Photoshop. Using the pen tool I draw straight lines to reference where certain point meet to help with proportions.

Using my mechanical pencil and a protractor I begin the sketch the same way I do most dragon ball drawings – with the eyes. Working my way out from there I rough sketch in the details of the nose, mouth and side of the face. When drawing freehand I constantly go back to the reference and make adjustments where necessary.

Drawing goku super saiyain intial sketch

Once I have the outline of the face I begin adding in the hair and eventually the torso. After I’m happy with the layout and proportions I begin going over the whole sketch, darkening the lines. This part is important, it makes the line work much easier when you have more than just rough sketches.

Using my newly acquired Copic Multiliners *drool* I went over the entire sketch with a 0.5mm pen and rubbed out the sketch lines once dry.

Colouring with Copics

Using my trusty skin tones (E00, E33, E37) I laid down a nice saturated base of skin colour, starting with the lightest tone first. Strathmore Bristol 300 paper is thick and absorbs a lot of ink therefor I have to do multiple layer to get a saturated look. Word of warning – if you use this paper, place something bleed proof underneath.drawing goku super saiyan skin tones added with hand holding copic marker

How I used Prismacolors

Having only the 72 A (ONLY you say) Copic Ciao set, some colour variations are quite limited (blue, yellow) so I decided to use a base of copic and an additional layer of Prismacolors over the top to give a different colour. This technique is great. To get a saturated, solid colour using prismacolor pencils, you have to add multiple layers but using the copics as a first layer this isn’t the case and certainly saves time and wrist pain!Drawing Goku super saiyan with skin tones and blue shirt colour added

I did this for both the blue shirt colour and the hair tones as well. I actually spent a good hour deciding on hair tones. As you can see from the image below, I was very unsure on which combination to use!

Colour pallet combining copics and prismascolor pencils to get the shades I needed

This is what my crazy pallets look like, combining different colours to find the one I need.


With the bulk of this drawing completed, it was time to add a background! unfortunately for me I’m too much of a sissy to do a traditional background and potentially ruin my drawing. For that reason I decided to digitize the image. I took a photo of the finished piece with my iPhone and transferred it to my laptop/Photoshop. I would recommend using a scanner for this normally but I’m currently travelling for work and didn’t have mine with me.

Once in photoshop it’s time to delete the background and resize it to my canvas. Next I simply added another layer beneath my current layer and started painting on a green background using a few different tones to achieve the look I wanted. With the base colours down I used a blending brush to blend the colours together. Voila, finished!

Drawing Goku Super Saiyan finished piece

Final Thoughts

Completing this drawing has taught me a lot, as does every drawing I do. Some things for me to take away from this: freehand drawing isn’t necessarily the best approach. It feels very organic to do and satisfying when you can create a drawing this way but it is not the most accurate. For the future I will use a combination of freehand with some guidelines.

I need to expand my collection of Copics (any excuse eh?) so I have a broader pallet of tones to choose from I thought overlaying the prismacolors worked well but it would be nice not to have to rely on this.

If you found this help, please let me know. Who would you like to see me draw next?

Thank you for reading. See you next time.

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