Drawing Pokemon | Galaxy Alakazam using Prismacolor Pencils on Strathmore Toned Tan Paper

Initial Sketch using Procreate on the Ipad Pro

Ipad pro sketch, light sketch of Alakazam from Pokemon with white background

I used Procreate on my new Ipad pro to create the initial sketch of Alakazam. I played with a few different poses and generally sketched him from references until I was comfortable with his form, anatomy and how he looks from different angles.

Once I was happy with the pose, I did the lineart on a another layer using the technical pen. From there I printed the lineart and use my lightbox to transfer the linwork to Toned paper and traditionally done the lineart.

Alakazam with Lineart
toned paper over the top of printed lineart ontop of a lightbox and sketching out the lines.

Once I was happy with the lineart, I erase the pencil sketch and start picking which colors I was going to use. I did actually do the whole design including color and shading etc in Procreate but I’ve left it out of this post so I don’t spoil the surprise!

Using an american brand of paper means the size is slightly larger than UK size A4 so I use a guillotine to trim the edges of the paper by about 1.5cm. This leaves me with a strip of paper that I can use to color swatch and test different shades.

testing color swatches on strathmore toned tan paper

I settled on the colors I wanted to use, one of which I used a copic marker base to get the tone I wanted. Don’t ask which colors I used exactly, I choose them on the fly like this and rarely remember which ones I use. I do have a few go to pencils for galaxies but I’ll talk about that later.

Time to color!

I added the colors one by one and for this drawing I decided to use cell shaded to contrast with the purple galaxy I’ll be doing afterwards. I was using my design from pro create as a reference

Alakazam with some skin tones half colored and displayed with prismacolor pencils next to it.

Galaxy Time!

Moving onto the galaxy for the rest of his body parts. I decided on a purple galaxy which some people pointed out afterwards made him look shiny! which is cool. The go to pencils I talked about earlier for this part are:

  • White
  • Process Red
  • Dahlia Purple
  • Lavender
  • Dark Purple
  • Violet

There are some others but those are the essentials. If you want to learn more about how I draw these galaxies, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel and follow my galaxy tutorial.

start of purple galaxy
galaxy half progress
side view of galaxy alakazam

Nearly Finished!

Galaxy alakazam with prismacolor pencils
Finished Alakazam

I hope you found this post useful and entertaining, you can check out the full timelapse video below where I talk alongside the video and give my insight.

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